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About David Gilkinson


Id love for the people of the future to be able to look back at these years in their history books and think, my god that looked like a great time to be alive.
Nothing gives me more energy than being surrounded by hundreds of people and listening to obscenely loud and amazing music. Something about the atmosphere of all those souls dancing to the same drum, for me its human nature at its best. So please don't be alarmed if you see me rolling around in the mud, or scaling a wall.. This is in fact typical behaviour from a normal day at ''work'' for me. I believe that if I am going to share this moment then I want you not only to see what I saw, I want you to know what it felt like to be there, what it sounded, tasted and smelled like. So if that means hanging upside down from the ceiling because thats a better angle to make you feel that, then thats what im going to do.